As most of you know, I've been on the lookout for a PR agency to work with in releasing my material. This is still the case, however, I have some exciting news.

I've just created my own record label to ensure I have full control over the work I do as a musician. I'll be able to make the music I want to make, tour when I want to tour and sleep when I want to sleep.

This gives me the full control I need to do what makes me happy without having to answer to anyone else.

This makes me very excited :]

Thanks so much to everyone that has encouraged me to go down this route and thank you to everyone that has supported my decision upon hearing the news.

music videos

I've just finished filming the 2nd and 3rd music videos set to accompany my debut EP.

My first video was show with 'Clearway Media'. I was so impressed with Matty's work that I decided to go back and shoot another two videos.

This was a pretty long day considering with shot both videos in one day, but we worked hard and I can't wait to show you the final result (once I've also seen it).

Both videos are in the editing stage. These two videos, along with the first video we filmed, are set to release at the start of 2019.

Exciting times :]

final mixes

I don't think it's possible for me to explain to you how excited I am that I've just heard the final mixes of my EP.

I don't want to say too much, so I'll just say a massive thank you to Kieran Smith for the amazing job he's done with the mixing.

I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks of it once I finally get it released :]